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Taelor Edmisten reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

Couldn’t be happier with this facility. My kids love it and are learning important life and self defense skills. Master Taylor is excellent with my boys, even though one is a bit spacey at times :) So lucky to have found it! Plus we love our homeschool class we can attend in the mornings. Fits our schedule great.

Yoena Sanchez reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son had tried other places and he didn't like any until he took a class with Master Taylor. My husband and I like how he has so much patience with the kids and the class sizes aren't overwhelming like in other places. He always shows the children new things daily and also gives them advice if they ever get into a bad situation. Thanks Master Taylor!

LaBresha L Fulmer reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son just started a couple of weeks ago and it’s truly something he enjoys! He tells all of his friends how much he likes going to his classes! Taylor is really good and what he does, you can tell this is his passion.

Aliie Gutierrez reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son & I love this place, Master Taylor is really great with the kiddos, took us awhile to find the right place and teacher! I had went through two different karate places before I found Master Taylor's place and I'm NOT disappointed so happy that my son enjoys his class and The Master!

Kd Hyatt reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

Master Kelley is a superior instructor! His teaching style is highly effective and efficient with the kids. I definitely recommend Master Kelley at Functional Taekwondo if you or your kiddo is interested in martial arts training.
I shopped around before settling on a place to put my son. I travel 40 minutes, three times a week, to bring my child to Master Kelley’s classes. There are many places much closer. I did the free trials at 3 others before I selected Master Kelley’s Functional Taekwondo place.
My son has learned so much within the last year of joining his Functional Taekwondo classes. Not only can he fight offensively and defensively, but he has grown more respectful and has become more focused than ever.
My family and I have enjoyed watching this growth and maturity in my 10year old.
We are excitedly awaiting for tournament season to come around. My child has mastered the skills to compete on a competitive level!
If you’re thinking about it; just give it a try! I bet you will love it!

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Top 3 Ways to Reduce Anxiety NOW!

Hey everyone, Taylor here, owner and head instructor at Functional Taekwondo DFW.

I wanted to write to you today on the topic of anxiety.

As a martial arts instructor, business owner, and personal trainer, I have both experienced anxiety and seen it first hand when teaching kids and adults.

I once had a friend describe to me that anxiety is the anticipation of future pain, and I think that’s a great way to define it.

Maybe you experience it when you’re in a public place and your shirt is on backwards and you’re worried about the judgement of other people.

Perhaps your kids drop their grades in class and everyone see’s it, thinking they will be judged for it.

Or maybe someone says a set of words that “trigger” certain emotions that elicit anxiety.

Whatever the case may be, I’m going to give you 3 proven and effective strategies that can combat anxiety.

Now, I must say first that seeking help is not a bad thing.

So before you take a look at this list, I highly recommend you get help from a doctor if your case is severe.

1. Go outside

I was recently reading a book by Craig Ballantyne called Unstoppable. In this book, he mentions his severe anxiety attacks being alleviated by stepping outside. Not only has this worked for myself but other students of mine have tried this and it worked tremendously. Your first instinct will be to go to your room and lock the door, but trust me, that’s a bad idea.

You’ll be sitting in painful silence, and you’ll end up just talking to yourself in your head making the anxiety worse.


2. Exercise

You may believe I’m going to try to pitch you to try out our classes. And I’ll be honest, yes I am! XD (Shameless plug is at the bottom of this post)

But it doesn’t have to be with me. Consider going for a walk every day, or playing with your kids. Do something you enjoy and your body and mind will thank you for it!


3. Emotional support

There used to a weird taboo for getting emotional help. While there are still some people today that shun people for joining social groups to combat their anxiety, there are lots of people there to support you.


Anxiety is not a matter of just “getting over it” as most people’s (uneducated) advice is. It’s a lifelong journey and process towards mastery.

Once you can battle anxiety and get rid of it for good, trust me, your life will feel like its been completely changed for you.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you did, please share it with a friend who needs to hear this message.

Have an awesome week!

– Taylor Kelley

Owner / Head Instructor Functional Taekwondo DFW


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