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Taelor Edmisten reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

Couldn’t be happier with this facility. My kids love it and are learning important life and self defense skills. Master Taylor is excellent with my boys, even though one is a bit spacey at times :) So lucky to have found it! Plus we love our homeschool class we can attend in the mornings. Fits our schedule great.

Yoena Sanchez reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son had tried other places and he didn't like any until he took a class with Master Taylor. My husband and I like how he has so much patience with the kids and the class sizes aren't overwhelming like in other places. He always shows the children new things daily and also gives them advice if they ever get into a bad situation. Thanks Master Taylor!

LaBresha L Fulmer reviewed Functional Taekwondo
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My son just started a couple of weeks ago and it’s truly something he enjoys! He tells all of his friends how much he likes going to his classes! Taylor is really good and what he does, you can tell this is his passion.

Aliie Gutierrez reviewed Functional Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son & I love this place, Master Taylor is really great with the kiddos, took us awhile to find the right place and teacher! I had went through two different karate places before I found Master Taylor's place and I'm NOT disappointed so happy that my son enjoys his class and The Master!

Kd Hyatt reviewed Functional Taekwondo
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Master Kelley is a superior instructor! His teaching style is highly effective and efficient with the kids. I definitely recommend Master Kelley at Functional Taekwondo if you or your kiddo is interested in martial arts training.
I shopped around before settling on a place to put my son. I travel 40 minutes, three times a week, to bring my child to Master Kelley’s classes. There are many places much closer. I did the free trials at 3 others before I selected Master Kelley’s Functional Taekwondo place.
My son has learned so much within the last year of joining his Functional Taekwondo classes. Not only can he fight offensively and defensively, but he has grown more respectful and has become more focused than ever.
My family and I have enjoyed watching this growth and maturity in my 10year old.
We are excitedly awaiting for tournament season to come around. My child has mastered the skills to compete on a competitive level!
If you’re thinking about it; just give it a try! I bet you will love it!

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Our latest news & thoughts

My Kids Were bullied…Help?

Good afternoon!

I’m writing you this post  today because next month (october) is Bully Awareness month.

So I want to talk about what to do in a situation where:

– Your kids are getting emotionally bullied (with words, put downs ect)

– Your kids are getting physically bullied (punched, kicked, pushed ect)

One of the ways we teach kids about bullies in class is that if someone is willing to say mean things about you, it’s probably because they either are having a bad day, or they feel like they lack something for themselves in their lives. When kids understand empathy and how important it is to try to see what another person is feeling, it creates a society of understanding and less violence.

On the other hand though, when people PHYSICALLY try to hurt your child, I’m going to not really sugar coat this matter.

You NEED to put them in martial arts. 

You NEED a professional to teach them how to fight back. 

Youtube videos, or trying to figure it out yourself isn’t just going to cut it. It’s like learning how to speak a language fluently using google translate. It will take you to a few things, but not the overall picture.

Self defense is something that has to be sharpened like a sword again and again.

And even if your kids were never bullied, wouldn’t  you like the insurance to know that they could  fight back, if it happened?? 

Often times, we get adults who come into class who say they did karate or another martial art style when they were younger, and even after 20 years of not doing it, they realize that some of their techniques still stick.

Some parents (let me know if this is you) are concerned that they have to make a large commitment when putting their kids into classes.

However, if you want to put in your kids for just a year, or maybe just 6 months even just to give them a foundation for self defense, that is 100% okay with me.

If you’d like to meet in person, I do have spots available this week for intro lessons. (I have wednesday-saturday available as I write this email)

So the best way to get started is by clicking this link here and filling out the form

Let me know if you have any questions!

– Taylor Kelley

Owner/Head Instructor Functional Taekwondo DFW